Keeping In Touch With The Home Church

On October 11, 1957, James Henry Hutchins representing Lake Avenue Congregational Church in Pasadena, California typed a letter to Ralph and Roberta Winter, who were then in San Jose, Costa Rica.  After addressing them as friends, he conveys the information that the church has received the large picture the Winters spoke of sending to them.  He assumes it is of a Guatemalan family and their house.  It will be posted at the church with the hope that “it will create real interest in the work in Guatemala.”  It is also the hope that in due time the “slide-tape” program can be arranged entitled “over night to Guatemala” and this writer will plan to secure it from Mrs. Clewett.

In response to Ralph Winter’s question about who should be receiving the Winters’ “Shoptalk” letters at the church, and of course, the writer acknowledges that many people would be interested in it but he also recognizes the Winters’ mailing list cannot be too large, he thinks of two individuals who would benefit from receiving them.  One copy could be addressed to the president of the missionary society at Lake Avenue Church, 393 North Lake Avenue, and another copy go to Mrs. B.E. Chamberlain.  “This would make the letters available for the Missionary Society meetings and for the Missionary Committee and be in the hand of Mrs. Chamberlain.”  Hutchins closes by writing that the church looks forward to seeing the picture of the Winter family, which will have greater interest than the one of the Guatemalan family although people will be glad to see that one too.  Before he signs he says that he is very cordially theirs.


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