Dr. Winter’s Involvement in the Finances

Dr. Ralph Winter’s colleague Phil Elkins at Fuller Theological Seminary forwarded a memo to him that he believes he should have a copy of due to Winter’s responsibilities to examine the financial structure of the School of World Mission program.  Glen Barker’s secretary phoned to say Barker agrees to the memo’s correctness.  It is dated March 10, 1976 and is originally to Dr. Art Glasser and Phil Elkins.

It begins by stating the note is an attempt to make sure Barker (the writer) accurately understands the decision that was made in a meeting five days before.  “In the light [of] the particular needs for funds to hire Bob Douglas as both [an] academic advisor for the missionary candidate program and as an adjunct faculty member, it [has been] agreed that full cross-over tuition would be given for all courses taught in the School of Theology by both full and adjunct School of World Mission faculty members.”  The understanding is that is arrangement is temporary only.  Also, hiring Bob Douglas as Academic Advisor is conditional upon the approval of the Provost and President.  Dr. Glasser assumes the responsibility of arranging the needed meeting.  Furthermore, there is an understanding that Glen Schwartz, when he returns, will reexamine the School of World Mission budget to determine what finances are available in light of the aforementioned decision regarding a full-time equivalent transfer of funds.


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