Brief Return To The Mission Field

Ralph Winter and his second wife Barbara were sent an e-mail message on July 10, 2005 with “Guatemala Trip” in the subject line.  The writers are a couple named Bill and Joyce Peck.  [When the Winters lived in Guatemala 45 years earlier, they served alongside a couple by the names of Dudley and Dorothy Peck].  Bill and Joyce Peck say that they have just returned from a wonderful trip to Guatemala.  Along the way they saw Candelario, who was deeply moved to hear that Ralph and Barbara Winter may come to visit.  Candelario lives with his son Miguel and Odelia Perez.  The Pecks spoke with Ramon Diaz, who is doing a fine job of organizing and teaching at the Mam Center [where the Pecks and the Winters served together from 1957 to 1966].  Ramon Diaz gave them the telephone number of his father Ruben David Diaz Mendez.  They mention, “The directions to his home are Kilometer 215 (from Guatemala City, with Quetzaltenango being at Km. 200, on the road to San Marcos from San Juan Ostuncalco.  That is about 3 Km. away from San Juan, just up the hill from the straight piece of road which goes out past the Mam [Center].”  Several people in Guatemala commented that they would love to have Ralph and Barbara Winter come and visit them.  The Pecks sign with all good wishes.  [Ralph and Barbara Winter did go to Guatemala with his daughters and grandchildren in January of 2006, the last time he was ever there].


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