Ralph Winter Turning 70!

Even though this is not the time of the year when Ralph Winter had a birthday, I came across birthday cards given to him when he turned 70 on December 8, 1994 this week. So below is one given to him by an elementary school class at the private Christian school that was on the Pasadena, CA campus at which Winter established his mission organization and university. The school is still here, Judson International School.

RDW 70th Birthday Card p1

RDW 70th Birthday Card p2

RDW 70th Birthday Card p3

RDW 70th Birthday Card p4

Letter From David Winter to His Brother

*The cause that David Winter refers to in his letter is the dedication of a college campus in Pasadena, CA to become a world mission center with the focus of the unreached people groups in the world learning the Good News of Jesus. This undertaking meant a lot of fundraising for the purchase of this property which took 12 years altogether.

David Winter to RDW Letter