Calendar Days Devoted to the Bible

A letter was distributed to all of the children of God in the Republic of Guatemala in June of 1958 from the Biblical Agency in Guatemala City.  The salutation reads to our beloved brothers and sisters.  The writer asks that they receive this warm greeting along with sincere wishes that they are enjoying the blessings of the Lord completely and with all consciousness of them.  This writing refers to the month of the New Testament which for the first time was celebrated in Guatemala in the month of April of this year.  The participants cannot in words express their gratitude to all who welcomed the idea with enthusiasm and distributed one or more New Testaments during that month.

Now and since then, this group’s thoughts have been about a National Day of the Bible, which will be verified this year to be the last Sunday in the coming August.  With attention to the suggestions of many brothers and sisters in Christ, the Biblical Society has decided that the whole month of August be dedicated to the Bible.  The last Sunday churches are to celebrate a special service with a program allusive in all points to the Holy Bible, Book of our God, for which Biblical leaders will do everything possible at an opportunity to send materials for those who consider it necessary.

Agencia Biblica Letterhead

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