Exciting New Course!

On December 17, 1982, Ralph and Roberta Winter received a note from Hans Schnabel, the Director of CharisLife Ministries, Inc. in Portland, Oregon.  He opens with warm greetings in Christ our Lord.  He says they know each other just indirectly though folks like Morris Watkins, John Barrett, Gary Randall, and Ralph Mahoney, yet it seems as though they are “close” in Christ.  He asks the Winters to permit him to share with them the enclosed set of their brand new “Holiness & Harvest” Study Course, a joint project of CharisLife and World Map.  “With your kind permission (somewhat after the fact), we used one of your short ‘Missions in the Bible’ articles as well as excerpts from Roberta’s excellent Jericho book [entitled Once More Around Jericho] (see Lesson # 2 under ‘Harvest’!).”

Schnabel mentions that as they can tell from the approach, this Course is fully devoted to “World Evangelization.”  It is currently being “pilot marketed.”  The hope is to offer it nationwide in 1983.  Do the Winters have any thoughts on this?  While the H & H Course now refers takers to World Map mainly, those at CharisLife plan to broaden that referral to include the “Center for World Mission,” “All Nations” and other full Gospel agencies.  CharisLife staff are strong believers in Acts 1:8!  They deem it the absolute pre-requisite to any and all ministry!  “Could you agree—in the light of the ‘pitiful’ alternatives Church History records?  We hope you will take a little time to look at this Course and to give us your comments.”  He signs after writing “In Christ.”

Book by Roberta Winter

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