What Should TEE Students Read?

Dr. Ralph Winter wrote a memorandum to his colleague Fred Holland at Fuller Theological Seminary on September 13, 1976. He begins by saying he is sure Holland remembers George Patterson along with his constantly active efforts in Theological Education by Extension (TEE). He writes, “[His] booklet should be entitled “Rethinking Theological Education” and I have communicated the same to the people who publish it in Portland.”

Meanwhile, Winter believes the booklet would be of great value in the TEE courses at Fuller as one of the texts professors have the students read. He asks Holland what he thinks. Winter assumes this will be of value to them and so he has ordered 100 copies. If by any chance this is not of interest to Holland, Winter and others will simply sell the booklets through the Book Club. Otherwise, they are or will be available in the fall. Winter asks Holland to tell him what he thinks. Holland’s handwritten reply on the same memo mentions that they MUST get Winter’s TEE original textbook reprinted and because Holland’s own book, Teaching Through TEE, is practical rather than theory based, Holland welcomes the Patterson booklet that Winter is proposing be used.


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