How Will The Faculty Fellowship?

The Faculty Fellowship Committee of Fuller Theological Seminary met on November 9, 1972 and Dr. Ralph Winter was present at this meeting, according to the minutes. They say that the committee talked about the Monday morning faculty prayer meeting and decided to keep the regular prayer meeting as it is being conducted currently. “However, on the basis of faculty expressions at the retreat in September, it has been suggested that the faculty be surveyed regarding interest in small groups whose purpose would be to allow for the expression of intimate concerns and related prayer.” No one took action on the matter of the survey.

Another discussion was about the quarterly faculty dinners. The committee decided that the faculty dinner coming up that includes a special guest should not substitute for one of the three regularly scheduled faculty dinners. Committee members considered various faculty presentations, and decided that one of them will approach three faculty members to ask about their willingness to present ideas for discussion at the Faculty Fellowship dinners. The first is President Hubbard, and the options for topics are the Wisdom Literature, his philosophy as seminary president, and Genesis chapters 1 and 2. The second is a gentleman who may speak generally if willing about his interest and concerns regarding Women’s Liberation. Thirdly, a gentleman will be invited to present his interest in the Male-Female writings which he recently completed. The committee agreed to hold the three faculty dinners of the year on Monday night of finals week for each of the three quarters. The first dinner, hence, will be on December 4, 1972. The minutes were submitted by a substitute committee member serving as the substitute secretary.


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