Dr. Winter’s Presbyterian Engagement

In addition to Dr. Ralph Winter being a man of many ideas, he was a man of many interests. He enjoyed studying a wide variety of subject areas even though his primary focus was to see if he could make connections to God and his mission in the world in each case. He and his first wife Roberta were members of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and they were involved in a couple of groups called Presbyterians United for Biblical Concerns (PUBC) and Presbyterians United for Mission Advance (PUMA). Roberta more so than Dr. Winter frequently participated in the meetings of these groups and was asked to speak sometimes. In the mid-1980s, the daughter of the executive director of PUMA was Dr. Winter’s secretary at the U.S. Center for World Mission.

Right after Christmas in 1985, a letter came in the mail from PUMA informing the Winters about the first Mission Education Day of 1986. The theme is “Mobilizing Youth and Young Adults in Mission.” The top of the letter reads, “We want to affirm the positive contribution youth are now making in the church’s mission and catch a fuller vision of what God has in store for the future among Presbyterian congregations in the Bay Area.” Anyone who works with youth or has experience with them is invited to attend, and the speakers have involvement in both mission and youth in their ministries. The Winters are asked to spread the word about this Mission Education Day at their church and to neighboring Presbyterian churches with people who may be interested.

The keynote address is entitled “World Changing Vision.” The morning workshops cover the topics of resources for summer ministries, involving high school students and young adults in mission, and how to introduce mission in the Sunday Church School. After lunch is a session with the title “Life Changing Experiences in Mission” featuring “four cameo testimonies from young adults in the Bay Area.” The day concludes with practical next steps to be carried out and small group prayers.

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