Will You Give, Dr. Winter?

There was much fundraising for Dr. Ralph Winter and his staff to do to pay off the campus of the former Pasadena Nazarene College which became the U.S. Center for World Mission and William Carey International University.  The task was to raise $15 million dollars, and the group with the grace of God accomplished this in twelve years.  Just as Dr. Winter invited many to give toward the cause of mission over the years, he also was called on to give financial gifts periodically.  One of these times was by the seminary he graduated from with his Master of Divinity in 1956, Princeton Theological Seminary in New Jersey.

Dr. Winter received a letter from the 1984 Alumni Roll Call representative at Princeton who graduated in his same class.  The salutation reads “Dear Classmate.”  The writer says he is finishing his fourth year as class steward and is inviting alumni to participate in the annual Roll Call.  He points out that it has been 28 years since the class of 1956 graduated from Princeton.  He states, “The history of our class would be fascinating to assemble: Some have made their way into special ministries [as Dr. Winter did by being a missionary, mission history professor and founder or a mission organization and an international development university]; some are no longer in the ministry; some have continued in the pastorate; but all of us have reasons to be thankful for the outstanding training received from our alma mater.”

The writer proceeds to invite the letter’s recipients to give a financial gift to the seminary for the year, as an expression of thanks to God for what Princeton gave to them and in order to bless the current students being trained for ministry.  The gifts, he continues, communicate to the president and the faculty that alumni support their ministries.  The writer thanks all who have contributed yearly to the Alumni Roll Call and encourages all who have not to please give and join together with others “in support of a great seminary.”  He closes with a God bless all in their ministries and gratefully.

                                       Princeton Seminary

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