Accomplishments Over 52 Years!

This document contains many acronyms. What each stands for is:

NT: New Testament

OT: Old Testament

TEE: Theological Education by Extension

WCIU: William Carey International University

ASM: American Society of Missiology

EMS: Evangelical Missiological Society

ISFM: International Society of Frontier Missiology

USCWM: United States Center for World Mission (currently Frontier Ventures)

WCL: William Carey Library (currently William Carey Publishing)

GNMS: Global Network of Mission Structures

GPD: Global Prayer Digest

MPC: Million Person Campaign

WCF: World Christian Foundations (a curriculum)

OMF: Overseas Missionary Fellowship

FMF: Frontier Mission Fellowship

FAC: Fellowship Advisory Council

One thought on “Accomplishments Over 52 Years!

  1. THANKS for this post! We should try and read it to see which acronyms we know! But more importantly, this is a great “history” of the value and impact of the USCWM (now Frontier Ventures).


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