One of Many of Ralph Winter’s Secretaries

Dr. Ralph Winter had many secretaries over the years that he worked at Fuller Theological Seminary and the U.S. Center for World Mission.  One is described by Glenn Schwartz in a memorandum he wrote to the faculty and staff of Fuller’s School of World Mission (SWM) on February 6, 1979.  He mentions that he has had a visit from Judi Kunkel, who informed him that she will be departing the Seminary’s employ in a few weeks.  Judi started working at SWM for the first time in 1974 as Ralph Winter’s secretary.  For two years she was this writer’s secretary in the SWM main office.  In 1977 she took the role of admissions coordinator and served in that office until this date.  Schwartz states, “Judi brought to us unique cross cultural skills from her missionary experience in Bolivia.  She also took many courses in the SWM thereby becoming thoroughly familiar with our program.”  Judi plans to work with a Pasadena based organization known as Adventure with the Bible.  She is enthusiastic about her new ministry and everyone at SWM prays the Lord’s special blessing on her as she transitions out.  She is welcome to continue in the fellowship of the SWM family.  The SWM is sorry to lose Judi from the team and asks for prayers that the Lord will guide those who will be finding her replacement.


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