The Winters’ Medical Paperwork

On February 2, 1967, the Medical Office of the Commission on Ecumenical Mission and Relations of the United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America sent a letter to Ralph and Roberta Winter at their home in South Pasadena, California.  The writer is Mrs. Bonnie Barnum and she says that Mrs. Constance Smith, who is not in this office anymore, sent the Winters a reminder about getting their physical examination reports in to this office.  They had replied to the reminder stating that they would be able to send the forms in by the end of December.  It is February by now, and the medical office staff realize how very fast time passes, but they really would like to have the forms in.  Mrs. Barnum mentions, “Dr. Scovel will look them over and send you recommendations which will also take time and then it will be time to send you final papers for medical clearance for return to the field.”  So the sooner they send them in, the easier it will be for everyone.  If the Winters send their forms in by the end of the current month, they will have one month’s time to complete the recommendations before Mrs. Barnum sends them the final papers.  This is cutting it fairly close.

Roberta Winter wrote a note three days later to Dr. Fidellis and gives him the forms to fill out.  She asks for the two half-sheets with the note at the top to please be returned to her at home.  The others the doctor is to send to Dr. Theodore Stevenson at COEMAR in New York City.  Roberta remarks, “We are sorry there is so much, but will be glad to pay additional for your time, if necessary.  Thank you.”


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