Helping A Friend Dr. Winter Made Decades Before!

Ralph and Roberta Winter received a letter from Ralph Winter’s friend going back to his youth, Dan Fuller.  It is dated November 25, 1994.  He begins by saying that he knows through their mutual friend Phil Foxwell that the Winters or some of their people have been interceding during the severe time of testing Fuller has gone through in the last 20 days as a Fuller Evangelistic Association board member.  The spiritual battle appears to be over now.

He is returning his focus to getting his manuscript Overcoming the Great Omission published.  Baker Book may be interested.  He has reached the point of needing an illustration suitable for the Inter Varsity types who help make up his present constituency of “walking in the light,” or deliberating on a possible decision by gathering all the possible relevant facts in mind first.  The vision ought to be panoramic rather than tunnel.  In an earlier draft, Fuller used a Readers’ Digest story about how to decide whether it is better to lease or buy a car, and another earlier one on whether it is wiser to obtain a fixed rate mortgage on a house or one with variable rates.  Nonetheless, neither of these illustrations are fitting for college students.  He writes to Winter, “From a long time ago I remember how you were about to go to Columbia University for grad work in anthropology, but then you found out something that made you switch to Cornell.  That sort of a decision does apply to Inter Varsity types!”

So Fuller asks his friend Ralph if he would be so kind as to take three minutes to call him on the telephone to tell him three or four elements in that decision that would be useful.  Fuller will copy it down on his laptop computer so Winter will not have to say it twice, and since he has to finish his manuscript by the end of the day on November 29, Fuller will not try to spend any of Winter’s time talking about other matters.  Prior to his signature he calls himself “Your friend from way back.”


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