The Winter Definition of Faith

These posts will be shorter while we are in search for a way to scan and upload the archives documents themselves to a website to which readers will have access. The documents will be in searchable PDF files. Please pray for us to be in this position soon! I will keep you informed.

On Friday, December 7th in 1984 at 6:50 in the morning, Dr. Ralph Winter typed a write-up which he begins by stating that some years before, it seemed as though God gradually and insistently loaded down him and Roberta (his wife) with an awareness of a need that was great and urgent. For them at the time, the “obedience of faith” meant attempting to do what they could humanly see to be possible only remotely. But the risk is outweighed by the potential value. “The faith God gave us, which was sufficient to obey was in effect the conviction that what ought to be could be attempted without fear of the consequences.” Generally, what Winter is saying is that often, faith is simply the conviction that what ought to be must be pursued whatever the risks are. Therefore, faith is the conviction that what ought to be should be worked for without any human certainty of success. This is close to what their daughter Becky once said, which is that “faith is not the conviction that God will do what you want Him to do but the confidence that you can do what [He] wants done and leave the consequences with Him.”

RDW and Roberta

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